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Check the health of fixed assets in hotels

Check the health of fixed assets in hotels

Just as we regularly check our own health, we also need to check the health of our fixed assets. Imagine a four-star hotel with 50 rooms and other additional facilities (gym, sauna and conference halls). Boris is the head of operations at the hotel and performs the tasks related to the inventory of fixed assets. Emma comes to the hotel, checks in at the reception, enters the room 32 and the first thing she sees is that the TV in the room is not working. After the fault has been reported, the fault must be eliminated as soon as possible. However, even if the fault is repaired quickly, Emma will face inconveniences. She will have to wait for the TV to be fixed, workers will interfere with her stay in the room, etc. This, ultimately, can negatively affect Ema's impression of staying at the hotel. The fact is that dissatisfied guests will give bad reviews, which will badly affect the decision of potential guests to come to the hotel and consequently it will be reflected on the revenue.

The inventory of fixed assets is not only important because of the legal obligation. If we properly take care of our fixed assets, we will be able to prevent all the negative consequences related to the use of our fixed assets in time. Manual records of fixed assets are often unreliable and don't make it easy to monitor the condition of assets. Take the example of the hotel given. It is almost impossible to keep track of thousands of things, not only in rooms, but also in other facilities. The problem is also that if everything is done manually, a lot of paper is created, leading us to a state in which we do not have an overview of the current situation. With the help of technology, it is possible to track everything in an easier way.


To avoid a recurrence of a similar situation, Boris decided to procure fixed asset inventory software. Thanks to the new software, he sees this way of working advantageous.

Firstly, fixed asset data is stored and a simple and accurate inventory of fixed assets is created, making it easier to track data. Also, with the help of software, various data and documents related to a particular asset can be searched for(for example, if needed, it can search for an invoice, photo, geolocation, warranty card, etc.). In addition, Boris used portable handheld terminals to mark the locations of fixed assets and has an accurate insight into where each asset is located.

Boris is aware that fixed assets also need to be maintained. Fixed assets should not only be listed and introduced into the system but their "health" should also be considered. In that case, Boris can check when the TV from room 32 was last serviced, whether it is under warranty and whether it is necessary to perform a preventive inspection and maintenance. This way repeating the mistake and the possibility of another guest experiencing a similar situation will be avoided.

As head of operations, Boris must have more under his control. He cannot keep track of everything if he does not have quality reports and statistics for individual parts of his work. While manually keeping a list of fixed assets, he did not have a good overview of the situation. Now he can generate quality reports very quickly and know at any time what the situation is with the equipment in a particular room or part of a hotel. For Boris, this is extremely important so that he can maintain the services in the hotel at a high level and something does not happen when guests arrive in the rooms.


Quality fixed asset inventory software also allows you to connect to accounting programs. In this way, Boris can make things easier for colleagues in the accounting department and speed up processes within the hotel itself.

Boris can also delegate his work to his associates. To provide insight into who did which part of the job, Boris was given an overview of the history of the activity. This makes it  possible to reliably check which of the associates made which change and which part of the work was done.

Boris is confident that he will extend the life of his fixed assets. Services will be performed regularly, it will be known when something was serviced and an overview of who made specific changes and when will be available. As a result, the possibility of unforeseen breakdowns will be reduced and a higher quality of service for the guests ensured.

Wondering which program has helped Boris? Contact us and save the health of your fixed assets! 😊

Software for inventory of fixed assets

  • Up-to-date and accurate data
  • Maintenance and service of fixed assets
  • Analytics and reports