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Webinar: New Generation of Labeling – Showcase of NiceLabel in Practice

Webinar: New Generation of Labeling – Showcase of NiceLabel in Practice
Nikol Ludaš

We hear companies talking about three key challenges when it comes to labeling: high IT costs, costly quality control, and inefficient processes.

In this webinar, we will help you address these challenges and show you how to overcome them by digitally transforming your labeling with advanced NiceLabel’s Label Management System.

The webinar New Generation of Labeling – Showcase of NiceLabel in Practice will take place online on Thursday, May 28, 2020, at 9.30 am.

Registration for the webinar is completely free, and you can register here. Presentations will be held in English.

Panelists that will preset this topic are highly renowned experts in the industry with more than 30 years of experience in the field, Mr. Jure Repnik from NiceLabel, Mr. Urban Brodnik from Spica Slovenia and Mr. Slaven Krajina from Spica Croatia.

Through this webinar, Spica, in cooperation with NiceLabel, wants to introduce you to a new modern system that is designed by the needs of the modern industry.


Find the sources of your challenges!

In the past, companies depended entirely on label or forms design software to manage their entire labeling process. These ‘legacy’ approaches often required manual printing and a labor-intensive quality assurance process; leading to a variety of direct and indirect costs and preventing companies from capitalizing on market opportunities.

What is the possible solution?

To avoid such issues, companies are choosing to digitally transform their labeling by implementing a modern label management system. This system replaces manual labor and other time-consuming, error-prone activities with reliable, future-proof technology, resulting in a boost in efficiency and a dramatic reduction in mistakes.

In addition to reducing direct and indirect costs, digitizing your labeling process can also help you unleash the hidden potential in your business by getting products to market faster and increasing sales.

How to overcome those challenges and turn them into profit?

Find out at our webinar!  

You can find out more about NiceLabel here.

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