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WiFi is the key to modern futuristic hospitality

WiFi is the key to modern futuristic hospitality

Probably every traveler will agree that WiFi availability and quality are on the top of the requirements list for any hospitality property they will be visiting or staying in. If the property has bad WiFi, guests will more probably leave sooner and likely will not return anymore. Is there anything worse that can happen to any business than having unsatisfied guests or customers?

Modern generations of travelers use mobile phones as their assistants and network availability is the most important feature they must have.

This is the reason why WiFi is the most important guest stay technology in hospitality over the last decade and more than enough explanation why the hotels are fully prepared for mobile phones/tablets/laptops in their guest rooms. We can assure you this was not on the top of any property development lists 15 years ago. At that time hotels were using a wired local area network for guests to plug in their network devices such as laptops. If they even had any.

WiFi wasn't even considered and plenty of properties had to undergo refurbishments to subsequently install it.

Quickly adjust to global changes and new directions or slowly fail. 

Today WiFi is available in every single hotel property. Some have a bit better and other a bit worse quality but it's there and it can be used as infrastructure for other applications as well.

One of the options is to use existing WiFi instead of any conventional kind of cabling for backbone communication of Room Management or Energy Management Systems. These solutions are now part of every new development but the same as it happened with WiFi to implement it existing properties must do a full refurbishment. This is usually a high obstacle that is very impactful on the decision-making process.  

We adjusted to everything above. 

Our system can connect directly to any hotel WiFi and provide guests with an enhanced stay experience while limiting implementation works required on the property side.

Besides already existing WiFi options, in upcoming months we will present a brand new 2 in 1 solution, which will fully remove any implementation requirements present earlier and will operate as a plug & play device! Stay tuned for more details really soon.