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This year, make your inventory easier with Advantas

Electronic inventory system

The end of the year is when projections and plans for the next year are usually made, as well as reviews of the past year. In addition, the end of the year is also when an inventory is made, that is, a list of fixed assets. In addition to the list of fixed assets being extremely useful to us to see the actual state of assets in our company, we must also emphasize that it is a legal obligation to carry out a list of fixed assets. However, anyone who has ever had this type of commitment knows how demanding and challenging it is to organize and conduct an inventory. The biggest problem is managing all this data, organizing employees, and finally getting accurate and up-to-date data. In addition, the fact that such things are usually carried out manually or using different Excel tables does not help either, which, in principle, does not make the job much easier. This is why it is important to improve these processes, simplify implementation of the list of fixed assets and facilitate data organization.

Connect Advantas with your accounting programs

How do we facilitate the implementation of the inventory?

The best way to achieve this is to digitize the fixed asset inventory process. A quality system for the list of fixed assets has many functionalities that can facilitate, simplify and speed up the implementation of this process. In addition, the data is secure and up-to-date, which cannot be said if we process the information manually or using Excel spreadsheets. With a quality system, there is no need for different Excel tables and manual lists.

What should be taken into account regarding the list of fixed assets? What should be considered and kept in mind when starting this process? 

Securely store and organize asset information

A quality electronic system must be stable enough so that the data is safe and so that we can have insight into our data at any time. Advantas is precisely such a system. It enables work with Android mobile devices but also allows creation via an Internet browser and ensures the online and offline exchange of information between the design and users at work locations.

Data on fixed assets can be organized into financial groups (asset class, cost location, employee who uses a specific asset) or physical data groups (location, building floor, business center, etc.). The advantage of this system is the possibility of adding documents (for example, purchase invoices, photos, service documents, photos of the fixed asset, etc.) to monitor the condition and have all the information about each fixed asset in one place.

Create lists quickly and efficiently

With portable handheld terminals or mobile phones, it is possible to mark the locations of fixed assets. This is possible thanks to the barcodes used to mark these fixed assets.

Take care of the health of the fixed assets with regular maintenance and service

This part is important to extend the life of the equipment and, we can say, preserve the health of the basic assets. Through Advantas, it is possible to submit and receive service requests and attach work orders with tasks and service activities. This way, processes are accelerated, reducing the time required to process requests. As a result, we have regular equipment maintenance and - this is the main reason for the long life of your equipment.

Advantas - system for inventory of fixed assets!

Connect Advantas with your accounting programs

Advantas has a data management module that you can use to connect the Advantas system with accounting programs.

Thanks to the Application Programming Interface (API), data is transferred to another system without errors, and it is possible to have everything under control with one click of the mouse.

Track your activity history

Several people may work in these jobs. That is why it is essential to have an overview of who, when, and what worked on the data. In Advantas, it is possible to monitor this, thus achieving better control and the possibility of checking the work done. This makes correcting mistakes easier and ensures that similar situations do not happen again.

Finally - if you want to make your work related to inventory easier, be sure to contact us and get to know - Advantas!