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Improving business before summer season? We know how!

Improving business before summer season? We know how!
industries: hospitality
Lucija Vulić

As we approach another tourist season, which will likely be as challenging as the previous two, it's a good idea to consider what we can do to improve our business. Despite wars, pandemics, energy shortages, and other issues that society might face, our offerings must expand because trends change from year to year, and we must adapt. No matter how stable and appealing the status quo may seem, it still signifies standing still, which won't bring additional growth or greater satisfaction.

We must make smart decisions to be better than our competitors, invest wisely, and implement smart solutions. The SMART method is a good starting position for the most effective results.

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound. These versions are even more representative and sound better in Croatian. Our goals must be:

  • Specific (simple, we must clearly define what we want)
  • Measurable (we must have an indicator of progress)
  • Achievable (who achieves the goal)
  • Relevant and Realistic (the goal is achievable)
  • Time-bound (time frame for achieving the goal, deadline)

To ensure it's not all just talk, we propose a SMART goal that every hotel owner should set, along with all the instant results it brings, which could greatly improve your business. We offer the solution, and it's up to you to apply it to your business.

Specific goal

Your goal needs to be clear and concrete, otherwise, you won't be able to focus your efforts or feel truly motivated to achieve it.

Let installing EOS devices be your goal for this season. The EOS device is not just an ordinary thermostat. It is an innovative solution that combines a cloud-based energy management system, an IoT hub (Internet of Things controller), and an environmental fusion sensor in one device. It is controlled via WiFi, and most importantly, it can be installed without tearing down walls as it is placed in the spot of the old thermostat in the hotel room.

Measurable goal

Measurable goals allow us to track progress and quickly see results, keeping us motivated and focused on the goals.

The difference in the electricity bill will show the results of using the EOS device in a short time. Based on information about the presence of a guest and whether doors and windows are open or closed, the room’s lighting and heating are controlled. The environmental fusion sensor increases the precision of collected information, thus enhancing energy management efficiency. This is because the environmental fusion sensor combines and analyzes data from up to eight different sensors, making crucial decisions for measurable savings.

Achievable goal

Your goal must be realistic and attainable for you to be successful.

EOS is, therefore, an automatic step toward success. We're not boasting; we're just being realistic. This device is designed for easy installation in both new and existing buildings. It is compatible with most existing hotel thermostat housings, meaning no need to tear down walls and lay kilometers of new cables. Simply install the device, which will connect to the cloud software, and we will ensure it blends with your interior design. Additionally, its price is affordable, and its performance is top-notch, worthy of 5+ stars.

Relevant goal

This step ensures that your goal is important to you and aligned with other relevant goals.

EOS is the most integrated hospitality IoT solution, covering all relevant wireless standards: BLE, ZigBee, Thread, 802.15.4, WiFi, and enabling almost unlimited connectivity within the room. It can be connected to hotel locks and property management systems, as well as many other software solutions for further functionality upgrades. It is an aesthetic addition with a functional application that will automatically increase the value of the entire complex and improve your business. This seems extremely relevant to us.

Time-bound goal

Every goal needs a target date so that you have a deadline to focus on and work towards.

Make it right now! Get in touch with us by clicking on the button and step towards the SMART change (or better yet, the EOS change), which will automatically improve your business and allow for a more carefree, innovative, bold, and creative summer for you and your guests.