Everything you need in the warehouse is just one Voice demand away

Marijo Baburić
Everything you need in the warehouse is just one Voice demand away

Efficient warehouse management - Voice system

At SPICA we always put our users in the first place, and over the years we acknowledged that everyone faces the same challenge. For users, the biggest cost in logistics goes to - picking

That's why we decided to develop VoiceXtreme (VoX), a software that reduces existing costs, increases speed, productivity, and employee safety. Since voice is the most natural way of communication, the benefits of voice guidance warehouse make it easier to work in the warehouse, and education for your employees is much faster.  

The benefits of VoiceXtreme are not only recognized by our users but also beyond. We have received the Honeywell Breakthrough Partner Award 2018 for the development of their knowledge and skills, the SLA-Serbian Logistics Association award for the best project in Serbia in 2018, and the ICT Gold Award for the best-implemented ICT solution for 2018 in the Adriatic region. 

With Voice, your warehouse operators have both hands free and can focus on tasks. In real-time, VoiceXtreme supports and connects several different actions and roles within the repository, whether it is simple operations or operations with multiple tasks and the like. 

Why VoiceXtreme? 

• Standard and multi-picking processes

• Navigation across the warehouse

• Connected functions in one process - cycles count in picking

• Location status with reason codes

• Reason codes can perform additional functions or instruct the operator to pick different UOM line under picking

• Pick-by-Weight - Picking weight items by entering weights for each of them or entering weight to the ordered weight until the system reach demanded weight

• Multi-pick with Put-to-Light option - Lights and display on the forklift which signals quantity for more accurate and faster operation

• Satisfied employees


Want to know more? 

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