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Do you take care of the health of the fixed assets at the hotel?

Inventory in hotels
industries: Hotelijerstvo

We must adequately maintain the fixed assets to extend their lifespan and make the most of the existing equipment that we use for our daily work or that serves guests during their stay in the hotel. The most common mistake is manually keeping records of fixed assets or having Excel sheets stored on several different locations. In such case, errors often occur, the data is incomplete and/or incorrect. That's not good at all. The electronic list eliminates all of these problems and simplifies the inventory by creating a list of fixed assets and positively affecting the equipment maintenance. In addition, it saves time and reduces our employees' workload. Instead of burdening the employee with too much paperwork and administration, we mitigate and organize it in a quality program. The main emphasis is on saving. Saving time allows us to run this part of the business process more quickly—no need for different Excel spreadsheets and manual lists. In addition, in this way, a single person or several people in other departments can dedicate only part of their working time to this process. The best investment is the one whose result can be seen quickly and whose effect lead to tangible savings. The introduction of a system for the list of fixed assets in everyday business certainly belongs to such category of investments. 

In addition, let's not forget about the other advantages of the system. It is possible to connect the software for the list of fixed assets with accounting programs. This is how we integrate different systems and enable connection of all data into a whole. We avoid duplicated work because we do not need to enter everything into the new program manually. At the same time, the possibility of errors is practically eliminated.

A list of fixed assets

Hotel systems are large, and several people from different departments often take care of similar business processes. In such cases, beneficial option is the ability to view the history of activities, i.e., who, when and what worked on individual records in the list of fixed assets. This way, we can quickly correct input errors if they occur and ensure that mistakes are avoided in the future.

Finally, the system for listing fixed assets can be considered as a "doctor" for our fixed assets. Let's imagine a hotel with 80 rooms. There is just so many different parts of equipment to keep the track of. With a high-quality system for the list of fixed assets, we can track when a preventive inspection or even a service of an individual TV in the room, an individual mini-bar, etc., was performed. What do we achieve with this? The most important fact is that with high-quality maintenance, we save resources and provide better service to our guests. We will avoid a situation where guests come to the room in which something is not operating properly. In other words, we ensure the "health" of our fixed assets, which directly affects the reduction of expenses for unplanned breakdowns and the need to purchase new assets.

So, as the most important advantages of a quality system for the inventory of fixed assets in hotels, we would single out:

  • Accurate and up-to-date list
  • Maintenance and service of fixed assets (caring for the "health" of fixed assets)
  • Overview of the history of activities on a particular asset
  • Connecting the system for the list of fixed assets with accounting programs
  • Saving time, cost savings, and better management of human resources

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