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Cloud solutions for small and medium hotels

Cloud solutions for small and medium hotels

Cloud technology facilitates businesses in many segments, and the tourism sector, including hotels and restaurants, is no exception. The advantage of introducing digitization in business is that paperwork and administrative work are reduced, and employees are freed from tasks that technology can perform faster, more accurately, and more efficiently. On the other hand, the management of such companies has better quality data and reports that can later be used as a basis for decision-making. Cloud solutions are still practical because hotels and restaurants do not need to have special servers, and this type of service is available at any time and in any place. A significant advantage is that the range of services can be changed depending on the needs of the hotel. For example, if you use a cloud solution for working time records, you can define the number of employees in the system according to your actual needs (a smaller number of employees in winter and a larger number in summer). This has a direct impact on resource optimization and cost reduction. In addition, cloud systems have strong data protection measures, so you can confidently use this type of technology.

What are the solutions that can help you in your daily business? Learn more about them below.


All Hours - Record working hours according to actual needs

All Hours is a solution for recording working hours, thanks to which you can easily and quickly keep records of the work of all employees. The application is scalable, which means that it allows increasing the number of licenses when you have more employees and fewer licenses when you have fewer employees. Accordingly, costs are optimized, and you have transparent and clear data, manage your employees more easily, and have a clearly structured system that allows you to handle all data in one place - completely safe and accurate. Learn more about this solution here.


Door Cloud – Define who, when, and where has the right of access in all facilities

An application such as Door Cloud makes it possible to regulate entry into hotel and restaurant rooms, passageways in corridors and between floors, entrances to individual offices and conference rooms. In this way, you raise security to a higher level, define the level of rights employees have, and which facilities and rooms they may enter. Everything can be controlled via mobile phone, and the terminals that are installed control all movement control points. In addition, it is possible to use various other media. Namely, in addition to mobile phones, there are options with cards so that users can use one or the other option, depending on the needs of a particular hotel or restaurant. It is possible, using the Door Cloud solution, to generate a virtual Key link that is sent via e-mail. In this way, it is possible to allow guests to enter the rooms without the need to pick up the key, which definitely speeds up the room pick-up process to the satisfaction of employees and guests. Crowds are eliminated, and this process can be managed more efficiently. Interested in learning more about the Door Cloud system? Find out here.


Contactless Entry to Rooms - Easy for guests and safe for hotels

Today, electronic locks have become standard in hotels. We can see less and less the classic use of locks with a key in hotels, and more and more locks using cards are being introduced. Spica has been enabling the installation of locks that are very quick and easy to install for several years. The installation time per door is approximately 15 minutes. In addition, RFID technology enables contactless door opening. In this way, the service life of electronic locks is extended, efficiency and reliability are increased, and guests are provided with security and practicality. 

It is important to emphasize that one of the most important characteristics of modern entrance control systems in hotels is their compatibility and the ability to connect with smart room systems. In this way, we complete everything and thus make it really simple and possible to achieve significant resource savings.